Hello. I'm a male MJ fan from Belgium, born in 1981.

I created timelinemichaeljackson.com in 2013, innitially for myself, to practise building websites but also to start creating a website where I could have all that I like about Michael Jackson's music, videos and interviews all together on one big vertical timeline.

If I put all the videos on one page, the page would load a long time. That is why each song has its own content to load when clicked.


timelinemichaeljackson.com is a great place to revisit Michael Jackson's life, carreer and passion. I think it's also a great place to reintroduce people to Michael's music again. So, share the link with someone. :)


Michael had a big heart and so do I.

I hope you like my site.

You are welcome. Always. :)




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